Database 83rd Infantry Division

Morning report E/330 for January 20, 1945

Station: Izier, Belgium, vK4700
Record of events: As of 16 Jan 45 - Company moved out at 1000. Moved with tanks along left side of road. Tank column was stopped to clear mines. Enemy Anti-Tank guns knocked out two tanks. The column moved on into town and company posted security. As of 17 Jan 45 - Company at 0030 and left town at 0200 and marched to Sterpigny. As of 18 Jan 45 - Company moved out at 0600 and crossed LD at 0615 and fought through 2000 yds of wooded area. Took 20 prisoners. Reached objective at 1600. As of 20 Jan 45 - The day was spent reading and writing letters.

Morning reportMorning reportMorning report