Database 83rd Infantry Division

The 83rd Infantry Division on May 24, 1945

This page shows the locations and record of events for today in 1944 or 1945. The map contains the locations, based on the coordinate on the morning report, shown in NATO symbology. A rectangle with two diagonals indicates an Infantry unit and the number on the bottom right hand indicates which organization the unit is part of (e.g. 330 is 330th Infantry Regiment). The value on the bottom left is the name of the unit (e.g. A is A Company). The table below the map contains the written locations, a link to the specific morning report of that unit and the record of events for 'today'. You can collapse the entries for specific units by clicking on the table header.

Disclaimer: The data below is solely based on the information of the morning reports. Coordinates were sometimes incorrectly noted and town names written incorrectly. A 1 indicates that the town name was corrected from the original.

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83rd Infantry Division
Company / Unit Station Record of events
HQ Bad Harzburg, Germany No changes
HQCO Bad Harzburg, Germany No changes
ARTYHQ Helmstedt, Germany No changes
ARTYHQBTRY Helmstedt, Germany No changes
ARTYMEDDET Helmstedt, Germany No changes
SPTRPSHQ Bad Harzburg, Germany No changes
SPTRPSMEDDET Bad Harzburg, Germany No changes
BAND Bad Harzburg, Germany No changes
MP Bad Harzburg, Germany No changes
329th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / Unit Station Record of events
HQ Wolfenbüttel, Germany1 No changes
HQCO Wolfenbüttel, Germany1 No changes
HQ1BN Wendezelle, Ortschaft Wendeburg, Germany1 No changes
HQCO1BN Wendezelle, Germany No changes
A 1/2 mile south of Völkenrode, Germany1 No changes
B Vechelde, Germany Company engaged in and maintaining Military Government in town of and vicinity of Vechelde, Germany. Weather cool and cloudy. Morale of troops: Excellent.
C Vallstedt, Germany Co doing MG work and small unit training
D Ortschaft Zweidorf, Wendeburg, Germany1 Company participating in MG work
HQ2BN Schöppenstedt, Germany1 No changes
HQCO2BN Schöppenstedt, Germany1 No changes
E Schöppenstedt, Germany1 No changes
F Schöppenstedt, Germany1 No changes
G Winnigstedt, Germany1 No changes
H Schliestedt, Germany Usual Camp Duties
HQ3BN Schandelah, Germany No changes
HQCO3BN Schandelah, Germany No changes
I Sickte, Germany Company assisted in military details
K Lehre, Germany No changes
L Hondelage, Germany No changes
M Destedt, Germany No changes
SERCO Ortsteil Linden, Wolfenbüttel, Germany1 No changes
ATCO Hornburg, Germany No changes
CANCO Thiede, Germany No changes
MEDDET Wolfenbüttel, Germany1 No changes
330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / Unit Station Record of events
HQ Salzgitter, Germany Commanding officer decorated several members of the Regiment in appropriate ceremonies.
HQCO Salzgitter, Germany No changes
HQ1BN Immendorf, Germany Usual guard duties & weapons inspections. Company had a ball game during the day. Weather - fair & cool. Morale - excellent.
HQCO1BN Immendorf, Germany Usual guard duties & weapons inspections. Company had a ball game during the day. Weather - fair & cool. Morale - excellent.
A Immendorf, Salzgitter, Germany1 No changes
B Hallendorf, Germany No changes
C Hallendorf, Salzgitter, Germany1 No changes
D Watenstedt, Salzgitter, Germany1 No changes
HQ2BN Gebhardshagen, Germany No changes
HQCO2BN Gebhardshagen, Germany Men from company tour Herman Goering Works.
E Barum, Germany No changes
F Schladen, Germany Administrative work continues to be heavy. Morale, good.
G Vienenburg, Germany Occupying three towns
H Lichtenberg, Salzgitter, Germany1 Company hauled the movie around Bn.
HQ3BN Liebenburg, Germany No changes
HQCO3BN Liebenburg, Germany No changes
I Hahndorf, Goslar, Germany1 40 EM went to GI Show. 10 EM to visit Herman Goering Works. Ball game postponed due to lack of transportation.
K Ringelheim, Salzgitter, Germany1 Company remained in same position and continued occupational role. Usual 'MG' functions. Ten EM on sigh-seeing tour of Herman Goering Works.
L Othfresen, Liebenburg, Germany1 No changes
M Jerstedt, Germany No changes
SERCO Groß Mahner, Salzgitter, Germany1 No changes
ATCO Lobmachtersen, Germany No changes
CANCO Heiningen, Germany No changes
MEDDET Salzgitter, Germany No changes
331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / Unit Station Record of events
HQ Seesen, Germany No changes
HQCO Seesen, Germany Company played Sv Co in softball and won 3-2. Winning pitcher Tec 5 Rubeis. Weather: clear and warm. Morale: Excellent.
HQ1BN Bad Gandersheim, Germany1 No changes
HQCO1BN Bad Gandersheim, Germany1 No changes
A Delligsen, Germany Company training as per schedule. Ordnance inspection of all weapons. Hot meals served. Weather cloud and cool.
B Wenzen, Germany Training schedule followed by Co. Our ball team defeated Co "C" in a close game 4 to 3.
C Bad Gandersheim, Germany1 Our ball club lost its first game of the season by bowing down to B Co. to the tune of 4 to 3. It was a tight, hotly contested game throughout.
D Kreiensen, Germany No changes
HQ2BN Seesen, Germany Bn gains another 2nd Lt with the Battlefield promotion of T/Sgt William J Graff Jr of 2nd Bn Hq Co. Asgd to Co G. Weather cool and clear. Morale excellent.
HQCO2BN Seesen, Germany No changes
E Ildehausen, Germany No changes
F Gittelde, Germany Company following regular training schedule.
G Klein-Rhüden, Germany1 No changes
H Hahausen, Germany Co assisting in Bn Military Govt duties.
HQ3BN Langelsheim, Germany No changes
HQCO3BN Langelsheim, Germany Training schedule carried out. Company party tonight at 1900.
I Bornum am Harz, Germany1 No changes
K Langelsheim, Germany No changes
L Lutter am Barenberge, Germany1 No changes
M Mahlum, Germany No changes
SERCO Seesen, Germany Usual Camp Duties
ATCO Greene, Germany No changes
CANCO Altgandersheim, Germany1 No changes
MEDDET Seesen, Germany1 No changes