Database 83rd Infantry Division

The 83rd Infantry Division on October 28, 1944

This page shows the locations and record of events for today in 1944 or 1945. The map contains the locations, based on the coordinate on the morning report, shown in NATO symbology. A rectangle with two diagonals indicates an Infantry unit and the number on the bottom right hand indicates which organization the unit is part of (e.g. 330 is 330th Infantry Regiment). The value on the bottom left is the name of the unit (e.g. A is A Company). The table below the map contains the written locations, a link to the specific morning report of that unit and the record of events for 'today'. You can collapse the entries for specific units by clicking on the table header.

Disclaimer: The data below is solely based on the information of the morning reports. Coordinates were sometimes incorrectly noted and town names written incorrectly. A 1 indicates that the town name was corrected from the original.

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83rd Infantry Division
Company / Unit Station Record of events
MP Luxembourg, Luxembourg No changes
329th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / Unit Station Record of events
HQ Junglinster, Luxembourg1 No changes
HQCO Junglinster, Luxembourg1 No changes
HQ1BN Scheidgen, Luxembourg1 No changes
HQCO1BN Scheidgen, Luxembourg1 No changes
A Echternach, Luxembourg1 Company in Defensive Position at Echternach, Luxemburg.
B Near Lauterborn, Luxembourg1 In Battalion Reserve near Lauterborn, Luxemburg
C Osweiler, Luxembourg Co in defense along Moselle River. Co CP at Osweiler, Luxembourg.
D Scheidgen, Luxembourg1 No changes
HQ2BN Herborn, Luxembourg1 Bn still in defensive position. Several enemy shells landed in this vicinity at 1520. No enemy action reported.
HQCO2BN Herborn, Luxembourg1 Co still in defensive position. Enemy shells landed in vicinity yesterday. Aid Station hit. No cas reported. '8' Nationals who were with Co had to leave today. No enemy action reported today.
E Lellig, Luxembourg Company outposting and patrolling Moselle river. Morale: Excellent.
F Mompach, Luxembourg1 No changes
G Herborn, Luxembourg1 Co in Bn reserve near Herborn, Luxemburg
H Herborn, Luxembourg1 Co in Defensive Position. No Enemy Activity Reported.
HQ3BN Hettange-Grande, France No changes
HQCO3BN Hettange-Grande, France No changes
I Hettange-Grande, France Company in training near Hettange Grande
K Hettange-Grande, France1 No changes
L Hettange-Grande, France No changes
M Hettange-Grande, France No changes
SERCO Luxembourg, Luxembourg1 No changes
ATCO Hemstal, Luxembourg No changes
MEDDET Junglinster, Luxembourg1 No changes
330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / Unit Station Record of events
HQ Dalheim, Luxembourg1 Remained on line. Little enemy activity.
HQCO Dalheim, Luxembourg1 No changes
HQ1BN Mondorff, France1 Companies following training schedules. One German Major came across the Moselle river & surrendered to Co 'D' during the day. Weather - cloudy & cool. Morale - high.
HQCO1BN Mondorff, France1 Company following training schedule. One German Major came across the Moselle river & surrendered to Co 'D' during the day. Weather - cloudy & cool. Morale - high.
A Wellenstein, Luxembourg1 Company occupying holding position along Moselle River. Minor enemy activity. Germany deserter taken at OP 59. Suspicous civilian taken at dawn near OP X. Weather overcast. Morale high.
B Ellange, Luxembourg1 Training schedule. Church services at noon.
C Elvange, Luxembourg1 Company followed training schedule. Training inspected by Bn S-3. All men who desired to vote did so. Checked observation post. Areas in good condition. Morale high.
D Elvange-lès-Burmerange, Luxembourg1 Outpost duties and company trng. A German Major surrendered to the Company CP at 1200. Weather - cloudy, morale - high.
HQ2BN Canach, Luxembourg1 No changes
HQCO2BN Canach, Luxembourg1 Battalion still acting as holding Force. Articles of War read to Company.
E Wormeldange, Luxembourg Harassed by enemy artillery 0001 to 0530. Weather cool. Morale very good.
F Bous, Luxembourg1 Company remained in same position & continued guard & outpost duty. PX rations issued.
G Lenningen, Luxembourg1 28 Oct 44 - Continued outposts and patrols. No activity during night along the front
H Gostingen, Flaxweiler, Luxembourg1 Company had movie today
HQ3BN Flaxweiler, Luxembourg1 No changes
HQCO3BN Flaxweiler, Luxembourg1 Normal training.
I Manternach, Luxembourg1 Acting as a Holding Force.
K Oberdonven, Luxembourg1 German patrols active during the night.
L Potaschberg, Luxembourg1 Company on OPL
M 3/4 mile south-east of Betzdorf, Luxembourg1 No changes
SERCO 5 miles east of Luxembourg, Luxembourg1 Trans plt hauled supplies. Maint Sec repaired vehicles.
ATCO Dalheim, Luxembourg1 No changes
CANCO Wecker, Luxembourg1 Slight enemy activity observed.
MEDDET Dalheim, Luxembourg1 No changes
331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / Unit Station Record of events
HQ Senningen, Luxembourg No changes
HQCO Senningen, Luxembourg Usual platoon training until 1100, then the company witnessed a presentation of Silver and Bronze Star Medals to the men of the Special Units. 1 EM to receive Silver Star and 3 EM to receive Bronze Star fr the company. All men who wished to attend movie did so in the afternoon. Weather: cloudy and very cool. Morale: excellent
HQ1BN Contern, Luxembourg No changes
HQCO1BN Contern, Luxembourg No changes
A 1/2 mile north-west of Schrassig, Luxembourg1 No changes
B Schrassig, Luxembourg The Commanding General awarded 1 Silver Star Medal and 4 Bronze Star Medals to 5 Enlisted Men
C Contern, Luxembourg No changes
D Moutfort, Luxembourg No changes
HQ2BN Luxembourg Bn Formation held for Maj Gen Macon to award Silver Star Medal to 1 Officer and Bronze Star Medal to 22 EM from 1400 to 1645. Weather: Cold but clear. Morale: High.
HQCO2BN Luxembourg Co took part in Bn Formation, Maj Gen Macon presented five EM with Bronze Star Medal. Weather: Cold but clear. Morale: High.
E City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg No changes
F Luxembourg No changes
G Luxembourg, Luxembourg1 No changes
H Luxembourg, Luxembourg1 No changes
HQ3BN Neudorf, Luxembourg1 No changes
HQCO3BN Neudorf, Luxembourg1 Gen Macon presented Bronze Stars to Capt Schraft and 17 EM fro Hq Co at Co XX area.
I Luxembourg, Luxembourg1 Followed training schedule.
K Neudorf, Luxembourg No changes
L Luxembourg, Luxembourg No changes
M Luxembourg, Luxembourg Division Commander presented citations to 3rd Bn Officers and EM. Lt. Maurice G. Reidy received Bronze Star.
SERCO 4 1/2 miles north-east of Luxembourg, Luxembourg1 Usual Camp Duties
ATCO Hamm, Luxembourg No changes
CANCO Niederanven, Luxembourg No changes
MEDDET Senningen, Luxembourg No changes
322nd Field Artillery Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / Unit Station Record of events
HQ Wecker, Luxembourg1 No changes
A Wecker, Luxembourg1 No changes
B Biwer, Luxembourg1 No changes
C 1/2 mile south of Wecker, Luxembourg1 No changes
SERBTRY Roodt-sur-Syre, Luxembourg1 No changes
MEDDET Wecker, Luxembourg1 No changes
324th Field Artillery Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / Unit Station Record of events
HQ Berbourg, Luxembourg Bn fired Harrassing concentration during night of 27 and 28 Oct. Fired Bn Registration of Base Point 1130. Fired on enemy personnel 1130. Fired on train at 1345 in enemy territory. Forward Observers reported visibility poor. Air OPs grounded by haze and low ceiling. Weather cloudy and colder. Morale excellent.
A Berbourg, Luxembourg Lt Leonard and party returned fr Able Btry OP after being relieved at OP by S/Sgt jacobs. While at OP Lt Leonard reported visibilty poor and no firing observed. During night enemy patrols were heard in vicinity. Spent time in improving protection for personnel at OP. Howitzers fired on enemy troops and installations. Fired Harrassing Fire during the night. Weather: Cloudy and rainey. Morale: Excellent.
B Berbourg, Luxembourg Btry fired 8 rds unobserved fire on enemy gun. Fired 4 rds Harassing Fire. Lt Dorshow is manning OP. Fired 11 rds on enemy train and station. Effect unknown. Cpl Doubek and Pfc Jones left Btry at 0400 on 48 hr pass in Paris, Fr. Rcn was made this morning for alternate position about 3 mi east of Luxembourg. Weather: Cloudy. Morale: Excellent.
C Lellig, Luxembourg Btry fired Harrassing Fire. Effect unknown. Fired on enemy CP effect unknown. Enemy fired 15 rds Harrassing Fire 1500 yds left rear of Btry position. Weather overcast and colder. Morale excellent.
SERBTRY Ernster, Luxembourg Ration Section drew rations and delivered to Btrys. Bn Shop drew parts and spare parts. T/Sgt Spalding and Tec4 Garcia left Btry on 48th hr pass to Paris, France. Weather cloudy and colder. Morale excellent.
MEDDET Berbourg, Luxembourg No enemy action reported in Bn area. Medical care given EM at aid station. Pvt Kenneth Hazzard selected fr Det for pass to Paris. Weather cloudy. Morale excellent.