Database 83rd Infantry Division

Morning report ARTYHQ/83 for January 27, 1945

Station: Fanzel, Belgium, vP4693
Record of events: The following Officers awarded the Bronze Star Medal per GO #18 Hq 83rd Inf dtd 26 January 1945: O-394165 Seidler, Howard B. Major O-387062 MacPherson, Robert G. Major The following Officer Awarded the Bronze Star medal per GO #11 Hq 83rd Inf Div dtd 25 January 1945: O-411990 Smith, Robert B. Lt Col Brig Gen R.M. Montague presented Col Robert P. Clay, the above named Officers, with the Bronze Star Medal. Capt Karl M. Kern with the Air Medal and one oak leaf cluster. 1st Lt John S. Baker with one ok loaf cluster to the Air medal and 1st Lt Richard O. Mader the Air Medal, at Hq 83rd Div Arty Formation at Fanzel, Belgium 27 Jan 45.

Morning report