Database 83rd Infantry Division

Morning report HQ2BN/331 for April 4, 1945

Station: Oesterholtz, Germany1, rB7560
Record of events: As of 3 Apr 45 Station: Schlieper, Germany, Coord: RB 1047. Closed out old CP at 1715 in Schlieper, Germany and moved via motor a distance of 45 miles to New area in Hovelhof, Germany arrived at 2015. Weather Cold and rainy. Morale Good. As of 4 Apr 45 Closed out CP at Hovelhof, Germany at 1010 and moved via motor 10 miles to Osterholtz, Germany. Co E jumped off to clear Town of Kohlstadt, Germany with Co G following. Reports received in rear indicates little resistance being encountered. Weather remains cold and dismal. Co F on D.S. with 83rd Recon for Unknown period to our south mission Unknown in support. See 1945-04-06 for (more) information.

Morning reportMorning report